University for the People! campaign

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Bologna and Turin: University for the People!

Noi Restiamo takes part in the international campaign by Forum to Fight “University for the people”.

In Bologna the oportunity to speak against the elitization of university was during the meeting of ANVUR, the university rating association, in our University: rating increases unequality, competition and the distance between “first class”, excelence and “second class” universities.

In Turin we protest against the presence of private bussiness in university, and also we promote the national meeting “Where are our universities going?”(Dove stanno andando i nostri atenei?) on 1th december.

University for the people!


Our continent is changing shape. Twenty-five years of European Union. Ten years of economic crisis. Neoliberal politics are operating in all spheres of society. The role of public education and university is also changing.

From the Bologna Process onwards the reforms and policy changes in education are following the EU suggestions. A visible effect of this are the so called “3+2” system implementation; the cuts in the number of degrees; the increase of fees and so on and so forth. It is evident also in the new student evaluation systems that looks like business parameters, and in the increasing polarisation between universities of first and second class, both within and between countries in the European context.

This division between “good” and “bad” colleges cause an international competition between universities and increases the inequality between Northern and Southern Europe; This gap has been widened by the economic crisis and by the austerity policies dictated by the EU.

The so called “brain drain” (but it’s better to start calling it “brain robbery”) is part and consequence of this phenomenon: an exodus of hundred thousand of young people and students forced to emigrate from peripheral countries, looking for better life conditions, because of the dismantlement of public education and productive system, especially in the Mediterranean countries.

Life-long learning, mobility and entrepreneurial spirit, meritocracy are the ideological slogans used to justify competition and flexibility of the workforce in the way needed by the market. Those, then, constitute the foundation and the function of the education system in the EU.

The consequence is therefore an increasingly classist and elitist education system, focused on professional skills essential for the markets, which deprives the people from obtaining the emancipatory instruments given by education and knowledge.

As Forum to Fight, a European platform of students and youth organizations, we believe that is fundamental to launch a campaign to denounce this situation, and we will start in our territories during the Autumn of 2017!

Education for the people!

Against the classist and entrepreneurial university!

For a free and public university!

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Solidarity with Catalunya

What happened the last 1th October in Catalunya concerns all the people and the leftist in Europe. An entire country struggled determinated to express democraticaly its will. The political and social left and the students movement had an important and decisive role: more than 80000 students where under mobilisation, and their contribution was decisive in order to protect the pooling station, occupying first the days before the Referendum, and later defending people during the vote.

We believe that the independence of Catalunya from the Spanish staterepresents a possibility for a political and social break with the policies of the contemporary european states. The Spanish state, such as the rest of the European countries, follows the neoliberal project, building the imperialistic European Union. A project made of cuts, cancellation of rights, austerity against the european people; and made of wars and speculation on migrants that try to excape from them. A break of the Catalan people with this mechanism opens the possibility of thinking in a new international cooperation and solidarity between and in the interest of the people of Europe, breaking the power and domination of the multinational european capital, defended by european goverments.

Organizations part of Forum to fight express total solidarity with the Catalan people, students and comrades, against the fascism of the spanish goverment

Visca la terra lliure!