Solidarity with Catalunya

What happened the last 1th October in Catalunya concerns all the people and the leftist in Europe. An entire country struggled determinated to express democraticaly its will. The political and social left and the students movement had an important and decisive role: more than 80000 students where under mobilisation, and their contribution was decisive in order to protect the pooling station, occupying first the days before the Referendum, and later defending people during the vote.

We believe that the independence of Catalunya from the Spanish staterepresents a possibility for a political and social break with the policies of the contemporary european states. The Spanish state, such as the rest of the European countries, follows the neoliberal project, building the imperialistic European Union. A project made of cuts, cancellation of rights, austerity against the european people; and made of wars and speculation on migrants that try to excape from them. A break of the Catalan people with this mechanism opens the possibility of thinking in a new international cooperation and solidarity between and in the interest of the people of Europe, breaking the power and domination of the multinational european capital, defended by european goverments.

Organizations part of Forum to fight express total solidarity with the Catalan people, students and comrades, against the fascism of the spanish goverment

Visca la terra lliure!

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