FORUM TO FIGHT. Who we are and what we want.

The Forum to Fight is an international platform of youth and student experiences that brings together more than 10 organizations from all over Europe.

It was founded in the Basque countries in February 2016, following 3 days of discussion concerning the conditions facing young people in Europe and in the Mediterranean area. In that meeting, we shared experiences and put together a preliminary analysis of the current socioeconomic and political context.

This meeting highlighted the need for a supranational coordination of the organizations and movements present, as a means of sharing the different experiences of struggle and of discussing the problems that students and young people in general are facing. It was also clear that our current dilemmas require the building of international solidarity and the uniting of common political strategies. This is essential if we are to combat to the destruction that capitalist states and their neoliberal policies are imposing on nations across the globe.

In this context we have sought to establish the ideological principles that will act as the essential foundations in our struggle against the common enemy: anti-imperialism and the struggle for self-determination; anti-capitalism and the fight against the neoliberal politics of the EU; universal access to education; feminism, anti-racism and anti-fascism for the construction of an alternative society.

The second meeting of the Forum to Fight was held in Vicalvaro (Madrid). At Vicalvaro we underlined the necessity of an internal debate focusing on the topics previously discussed, and on the elaboration of a common analysis of the reforms of the education system in the EU and of the living conditions of young people.

We thus decided to start this journal, which will bring together articles on issues relevant to the Forum, with contributions from the different organizations. In this way we hope to improve and enrich the discussion among us.

As the European Union's capitalist attack on the states of Southern Europe is extra-national, this journal should be an international tool to connect experiences and analyses on the political processes that are happening at an international level.

During the last meeting in Rome, in april 2017, we highlighted the necessity of a debate on the effects of the educational policies imposed by the EU, starting from its origin. During this discussion it became evident that the EU, with its neoliberal and classist politics, is the main driver of the austerity that is being imposed on the popular classes. Furthermore, it holds primary responsibility for the military interventions all around the EU's borders that are causing millions of people to flee their homes.

The same destructive intentions are manifest in the so-called reform of the educational systems, that year by year (starting from the Bologna process and the Sorbonne declaration) are being homogenized and subjugated to the needs of the market. Schools and universities are being progressively restructured around classist parameters, and in these institutions, critical and independent thought is being eliminated.

The market-oriented curriculum, the separation between first and second class universities (both nationally and internationally, with the most prestigious universities placed in Northern Europe), the unpaid training, the replacement of school education with obligatory unpaid work-experience starting from high school, and so on, are some of the results of a reform process of the educational systems of European states that we can trace back more than 20 years.

We need to build on these foundations and create the space for debate that will give rise to a united youth movement Europe. We are convinced of the necessity of a common analysis that will allow us to build our alternatives to the chaos and misery of neoliberal austerity.

We therefore reiterate the imperative of building an internationalist struggle for social unity against the dominant ideology that induces hatred and division, and of marching onward towards the liberation of peoples.

They want us divided.. they will found us united!